Wedding Anniversary Getaway | The Wyndham Resort Pran Buri

By Almost Retired in Thailand | Jun 03, 2024

Anniversary Weekend Adventure at Paknam Pran 🌊 | Wyndham Resort Review & More!

Hey everyone! 🎉 Join us as we celebrate our anniversary weekend with a trip to Paknam Pran. We'll be staying at the beautiful Wyndham Resort right by the ocean. Over the next two days, we'll share our experiences, including what we eat, the resort amenities, and some local attractions. Stay tuned for a fun and relaxing getaway!

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Link to Wyndham Resort Pran Buri on Agoda:


00:00:00 - Introduction and Overview of Paknam Pran

00:01:05 - Quick Update on Zoey the Dog

00:02:09 - Lunch Experience at Local Restaurant

00:03:14 - Arrival at Wyndham Resort Pran Buri

00:05:02 - Checking into the Room

00:06:47 - Room Tour and Anniversary Surprise

00:08:11 - Exploring Wyndham Resort Amenities

00:11:15 - Fitness Center and Activities

00:12:46 - Dining Options and Meeting Rooms

00:13:57 - Bike Ride Around the Resort and PakNam Pran Beach

00:15:46 - Street Food and Dinner Plans

00:17:05 - Morning Run and Family Challenge

00:18:27 - Running Route and Scenic Views

00:19:37 - Breakfast Buffet Highlights

00:21:38 - Delicious Breakfast Options

00:22:54 - Final Day and Restaurant Review

00:23:58 - Recap of Stay and Future Plans

00:25:06 - Pricing and Booking Information

00:26:11 - Final Thoughts and Farewell